to our Lake Oswego Studio Art Cottage. We are a unique home art studio established in 1993 by instructor and owner Mrs. Angie Schane. Angie develops lessons to meet the student’s interests and skill level. Unlike many chain art centers that use pre-designed template lessons resulting in clone like artwork, Mrs. Schane's student’s art is always a reflection of each artists personality. This is accomplished through the creative thinking skills the students learn in her class. 

An example of Angie's teaching discipline is her "Learning to Look" philosophy, emphasizing the importance of observation and applying the "What if" possibilities. These discoveries along with the student’s learned skills are able to produce their vision in a unique, creative way. Angie expertly includes art theory and concepts in her lesson plans, utilizing a variety of art materials and mediums. Art History is often taught in a fun manner with students play acting in costumes and creating art, using materials and methods of that time period.  

A student who takes lessons at the "Smiling Sunshine" Art Cottage, learns the basic skills needed to become a confident artist and person.  



SMILING SUNSHINE ART Education is located in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  97035

A few spaces still left for the 2016-2017 school year program!

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